2D Animation transition is stretching the bottom pixel of the bottom sprite

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By cassie

I have a basic state machine for animations, and a 3 stage attack. When the 3rd stage of the attack completes and the animation transitions back to idle, sometimes my character becomes: this

I’ve tested it quite a bit, but am out of ideas. I can change the color of the weird streaks by changing the bottom pixels of the character’s feet. I can make it go away by setting the visibility of the feet sprite to false at the end of the 3rd attack animation and turning it back on at the beginning of the idle.

Any suggestions on what would cause this? I can show code, but it’s a huge project so I’ll have to take snippets I think, let me know if that would help.

:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: cassie

So, having the sprite not touching the bottom of the image also makes this go away. Is it so simple as a required 1px transparent border on sprites used in animation? This also begs the question of the state of all my sprites during the animation transition. Just because the pixel being stretched is now transparent doesn’t mean this isn’t the behavior for every animated piece of my character.

If anyone ever finds this post and has an answer, please let me know!

Thanks again!

Hi! I also ran into this issue, did you ever figure the issue out? Putting an extra transparent pixel fixes it for me but I would prefer to avoid that, thank you!