2D Platformer Flight Mechanic

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I decided I wanted to make a game about a quadruped hybrid of a flying squirrel and a mole where you can both glide and “swim” in the dirt. I have figured out most of it, however the way I want to do the initial part of the glide eludes me.

I want the player to initially do a quick short dive to build up speed and then climb back up a bit, only then to slowly float down to the ground - this all happens just by holding the jump button after the second jump has happened, no directional input to control the dive, just a predetermined movement by holding the button. I know how to do the floating part fine, but I am not sure how I would handle the dive and climb part of the flight.

I appreciate any guidance anyone can provide. I can publicly release the git repo if anyone needs it, just ask.

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I would use an AnimationPlayer to play an animation of the jump and double flip. Have the animation end where the glide begins.

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I dont need help with the jump or double jump animations, I need help with the first part of the glide’s physics, thank you though.