3 hour challenge

There is a game jam called “TriJam” in which you are challenged to write a game in only 3 hours. This wasn’t a game jam entry, just a personal challenge for myself.

The theme was “Reverse” and this is my game. It’s a simple “catch the target” game, but some of the targets reverse the controls. WSAD, arrow keys and controller D pad and left stick all work.


For 3 hours that is pretty good IMHO. I scored 900. Having the controls messed with is not a mechanic I particularly enjoyed though.

Think it’s definitely solid for 3 hours and the I feel like while the control scheme switching might not be for everybody it was a manageable mechanic for the 3 hour time limit. I had fun playing it for the minute it lasts.

ld try seeing what you can do in 6 hours now! :grinning: