3d how do i mark a space as having a condition

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context of what i want to do: im making a maze with 3d tube structures that i want to randomly generate, so i want it to spawn an item, check for openings, and then spawn a second shape and repeat,
what i need help with: how do i tell it whats an opening?

Presumably you’re using 4.2.2 and not 2.4.4?

Anyway what do your tubes look like?


yeah im dyslexic haha, and i have a bunch of diffrent shapes heres an image (hope this works ive never used the forms before)

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If those are all the shapes you are using, you can manually list all the openings in the shapes.


yeah? how?

You can try to manually set the local cords of each hole, and then fuse them in global space.

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