4.3 beta 1 project corruption

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Godot 4.3 beta1


I tried using the latest version of 4.x to test jolt latest version in a backup project file, though when i tried changing from 4.3 dev 6( which is the one i v’ been using without jolt, to 4.3 beta 1 it happened that the project couldn’t load any resource properly except for the UI, mostly with parsing errors between the models and scenes that couldn’t load, which i don’t get because i did update from 4.3 dev 6 not from 4.2, so what could happen here?

Godot Jolt does not yet support Godot 4.3. To support it, you need to compile the engine yourself.

Looks like there is now a release compatible with 4.3 Releases · godot-jolt/godot-jolt · GitHub

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