Abracadabra | Magical Mischief

Abracadabra | Magical Mischief

In “Abracadabra | Magical Mischief,” players step into the shoes of the world-famous magician, Professor Worthington, who is ready to dazzle the audience with his enchanting tricks. As the grand finale approaches, his mischievous rabbit companion, Mr Sparkle Paws, seizes the opportunity to upstage the magician. When Professor Worthington attempts to pull Mr Sparkle Paws out of his hat, the tables turn, and he finds himself inexplicably pulled into a magical world within the very hat he intended to use for his act.

Now trapped in a whimsical, spooky and ever-shifting realm known as Magic Land, Professor Worthington must navigate through a series of mind-bending challenges to escape. Meanwhile, Mr Sparkle Paws takes center stage, delighting audiences with stolen magical feats. Players must guide Professor Worthington through gravity-defying platforms, perplexing puzzles, and encounters with peculiar creatures, all while uncovering the true intentions behind Mr Sparkle Paws’ magical mischief. In the end, Professor Worthington awakens at the bottom of his hat with a bump on his head, and Mr. Sparkle Paws sits innocently on his chest. The theater staff panics at the apparent accident Professor Worthington has had during his magic show. Meanwhile, the magician is left confused, trying to make sense of the situation and raising questions about whether it was truly an accident. As he grapples with the events, another uncertainty lingers—whether everything he had just experienced was a dream or if Magic Land was, in fact, real.


The “Abracadabra | Magical Mischief” project aims to serve as both an game development tutorial and a fully released game. By openly sharing the development process, from initial concept to final execution, the project provides valuable insights and practical knowledge for aspiring game developers. Simultaneously, the game itself acts as a living example of the tutorial’s principles, making the learning experience more engaging and applicable.

Game Type:

3D platformer with puzzle-solving elements.


  • Magician: Professor Worthington
  • Rabbit: Mr Sparkle Paws


Abracadabra | Magical Mischief © 2024 by Arthur Worthington


Opening Scene | Blockout:

Blockout is the initial stage of scene modeling where we focus on creating a basic structure without delving into intricate details. Typically, we model the essential elements and then, as we gain momentum and a clear vision for our scene, we revisit to incorporate finer details like bolts and wires. During the blockout phase, precision in geometry, neat faces, and vertices are not the primary concerns. This approach serves to save time and enhance the overall enjoyment of the process, especially when uncertainties exist about the desired elements or the optimal modeling approach. With blockout, we swiftly generate low-poly assets, implement basic lighting, and apply temporary textures and materials. This method allows for a quick evaluation of the scene’s direction, often leading to a moment of satisfaction when realizing, “Yes! This is good; I like this.”

The entire game employs a consistent atmosphere, featuring bright, colorful lights against a pitch-black background with dark shadows.