Add a " - " punctuation mark when a label's text snaps with Arbitrary Snapping on

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Is it possible to add a " - " mark after a label abritrary snap?

Let’s say I got a 100x100 label, with arbitrary snapping activated. If I set it’s text as “Hello amigo”, it would end up looking like this:

Hello am

But I want it to add a “-” after am, so it makes a bit more sense like this:

Hello am-

Is there any option to actually do that? I don’t want word or smart word snapping since a lot of the space is wasted. Thanks!

As far as I can tell, automatic hyphenation at the end of the line is not supported. Once this PR gets merged [TextServer] Implement soft hyphen handling. by bruvzg · Pull Request #85940 · godotengine/godot · GitHub you’ll be able to use soft hyphen unicode to manually set where a word can break and it will show the hyphen.

Either way, am-igo is wrong, it should be a-migo or ami-go