Add 'Crash Popup' to Exported Godot Games. Is it possible?

I really like the crash error in GameMaker, where if your code has an error while running the executable, it will throw an error message with the error. Players can then copy paste this error and send it over to the devs.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like Godot doesn’t do that. The error log goes into the user’s AppData > Roaming, which isn’t very user friendly. When my exported game crashes, the game simply freezes. This happens a lot when renaming files and moving the around. When this happens, users will only see a freeze and will not know whether there is an error with the game or with their computer. It also just makes it harder to fix errors since the reports of those errors would be low.

I wish that, at the very least, the error is thrown onto the screen. It saves so much hassle for the developer and the user and makes it easy to navigate the error and fix it.

Is there something that I’m missing or is this not possible in Godot? Thanks in advance!