Advantages of scaled-down 3D models

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I want to make a mobile 3D game with top-down view, I have checked some assets of creators (like Kenney, Kaykit) because it is based on a city. I noticed that the models they make are too small, for example, the buildings measure 1 square meter and the tallest building is no more than 1.7 meters.

What are the advantages of creating such small models, is it for easier manipulation in the editor?

I think you could be on to something, most views Godot has are centered around 1 meter.

There isn’t any real difference. But if you have to scale resources you may run into floating point error limits faster, which can be mitigated by Godot’s project settings. All that matters in the end is that all your assets are to scale relative to each other.

I guess textures and mesh sizes matter but if the UV map automatically adjusts then that isn’t an issue.

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