Advertisement display without publication?

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Is there a solution in godot so that I can display advertising and get income without posting it on googleplay?


You have to use your google ads id, to use this service. So i dont think that this possible over time. You can avoid the playstore for a while (maybe)
When people load your apk from a website, it should still possible to show the ads (but its monitored in your google ads, where else you wanna see your income).
When you dont achieve enough views in your ads, they put your ads to sleep anyway.
And dont try to boost your own ads. Google will notice it, and probably ban your account.

Dont get the reason why you wanna do this, but good luck

Thank you!I have a telegram group, we talk about sports and I want to transfer this to the application, but I don’t want to upload it to googleplay, because I only want it for the members of the group.

is there no other option besides google ads?

There are alot. Just google “google ad alternatives”. But I dont know how far they are integrated in Godot.

I understand, thank you, because I tried facebook ads. However, there it asked for the googleplay application link

When your app is for a small audience, you should consider to sell for your app for a few dollars/euros ? Ads are normally for a big audience

With about 500 people using it daily, I think it’s worth a trial

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