After adding C#, project doesn't respond

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Hopefully this is a simple fix, but it’s the second time I’ve “locked up” a project after fiddling with C# inclusions.

The unresponsiveness involves any script it seems, as even GDScript is not running. Setting a breakpoint in Godot on the first line within func _ready() -> void: doesn’t stop at the breakpoint. The game window opens and renders initial things, but executes none of the scripting.

I had been instantiating the C# with var helper = preload("res://helper.cs") within a function and that was working and allowing property hinting of the object’s members.

However, after doing one of the below attempts at instantiating at a higher level for more accessibility, the unresponsiveness began (apologies for possible errors, I’m trying to recall these from memory since I had changed some things back in an attempt to restore function):

  • Added a Node to the scene and attached the C# script to it. In the main GDScript I tried to make a property with @onready var helper = $helper so I could call its members from within that script.
  • Tried to instantiate it as a member property with @onready var helper = preload("res://helper.cs").

What should I try to change to restore script execution? What should I be avoiding with C# scripts to prevent this headache?

Okay, maybe I simply made a silly mistake. After looking at the main scene file, the C# script was attached to the root node of it, rather than I was pretty sure I’d attached the C# to the child node, but a misclick could certainly have caused this.

It’s working again after reattaching Is it customary to close threads that end up like this?

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