Allow panel to extend outside of app

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In my app, I’m using a file dialog. If I try to overwrite an existing file, there’s a warning dialog asking if I’m sure I want to overwrite the file. How can I allow that dialog to extend outside the app’s window? At this time, the app’s window cuts off the dialog.

You can make a horizontal scroll container
Or you can make the dialogue wrap on the edges. Or you can make a popup window the size you want to fit the dialogue.

The warning dialog is built in to the file dialog and comes up automatically. In a case like that where I didn’t create the warning dialog, how do I access it? I don’t know how to find where it is.

dialog_autowrap = true
size, or min_size,=

Last thing is probably theme settings.

Otherwise you could use the os file dialogue directly

use_native_dialog = true

Ok thanks, let me try those.

File dialogue inherits from many different classes, you may try looking down at all the options in its inheritance.

Ok, thanks I’ll check.

I was able to set autowrap within the warning dialog.

I watched the remote tree and saw that when the warning dialog opens, it’s a ConfirmationDialog. Under that I clicked on the Label, which contains the message. In the Inspector I set the Label’s Autowrap Mode to Word(Smart). Problem solved.