An error occurred when opening the APK file...

Godot Version

The engine version is v4.1.2.


Hello everyone, this is my first time here. I have been using this program for about a year and now I have made my first game, when exporting the game to Android, the game does not start, it gives the following error: “the application is not installed because its package is invalid (for example, damaged).” There is no such problem when exporting to Windows, and everything works well. What could be the problem?

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when you were exporting this from editor in export window, did you see any yellow warning below? or what does the debugger said after you are done exporting to android?
did it say signed?
also this is not from using Forward+ Renderer when you were exporting it?

I’m currently having the same problem,
I’ve now left out the signing and have everything set to mobile from the start. When it comes to architecture, I tried out various things, including with standard settings. But there is no message until I try to install the game on my phone. Then the same thing happens: The package cannot be installed because the package is apparently invalid. The only error message is because of the project name because I have a Ü in it, but it updates automatically and the Ü is simply omitted.