Android export UX problems

Godot Version


I have been exporting my game to android, I am going to explain some things that I don’t understand and that made me spend some time.

  1. Why is there two places for the debug keystore?

    Editor > Editor Settings > Export > Android (here you can set debug keystore path, user and pass)

    Project > Export > Android (Runnable) > Keystore (here you must set debug keystore path, user and pass)

I configured the debug key in the editor settings (first option) but when trying to export it does not count. Why is it for then?

  1. Why after setting the keystore keys in the export window you have to check the ‘Signed’ option that is in another section.

I want to think that the signed checkbox can be useful in some cases but why is not in the keystore section?

Once you know those thinks it is really easy but if you don’t and miss the signed checkbox for example, the apk gets generated but does not output any usefull message when it fails to install so you have to check sdk install, openjdk, versions, paths etc… finally configure adb and see the error message. Of course if you are an experienced android dev this is probably first thing you do but that’s not my case and probably not the common case.