AnimationMixer couldn't resolve track

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I want to make a system where the Interaction button appears at a spot that has an interaction option. Currently my Interactable button is parented to the player. I want to eventually rotate the head to a position where the interactable is located

Image link
However, I also want to animate the interactable and for whatever reason my output is spamming me with this error
This is what is being animated, I am animating the scale of this sprite inside of the player

part 2:

func _on_area_3d_area_entered(area):
if area.has_node(“Interactable”):
var interactableLocation = area.get_node(“Interactable”)
var NeckCurrentTransform = skeleton.get_bone_global_pose_override(NeckBoneIndex)

   # Calculate the target direction
  var NeckTargetPosition = area.global_transform.origin
  var NeckCurrentPosition = NeckCurrentTransform.origin
  var NeckTargetDirection = (NeckTargetPosition - NeckCurrentPosition).normalized()
  interactable.global_position = interactableLocation.global_position
  interactable.visible = true
  NeckBoneIndex = skeleton.find_bone("mixamorig_Head")

This is my code to spawn the button on the position of the item. However when I move the player unfortunately also moves the positoin of the interactable