Animations for Skeleton created through code

Godot Version



anyone know how to create skeletons on runtime??

im making a armor core builder and am basically there, i just need to get animations to play :confused:

its a exact match of the bonemap it uses. and all the names are the same.

for some reason it looks like the engine cant find the “nodes” and the animationmixer cant find the tracks of the bones.

im using skeleton3D.add_bone(). the rest is setting up transforms

and i redo skeleton-setup on ready so it isnt weird tool stuff

here is the errors, runs in tool-wise and runtime-wise. though runtimes a bit easier to read.

(yep it loops for every bone!)

fixed it lol,
some animations use a unique_name instead of a direct nodepath to the skeleton, the % to the right of the skeleton
if your animations dont enable this it cant be found. causing this error