Animations of blend file are not imported anymore for instanced scenes with edible children

Godot Version

v4.2.2.rc1.mono.official [c7fb0645a]


Hello! Yesterday i have encountered this strange problem. I have the following setup. A scene that contains the player with all their needed things and their actual visuals(a blend file with animations). Now i add in the player scene into my different levels. All pretty standard. Sometimes i enable edible children on the instanced player scene in the level to adjust some stuff or have other things in the level have access to in the instanced player scene. Now the problem: When i update my blend file of the player with an addtional animation, these animations are not present in the instanced player scenes in levels that have “Edible children” enabled. It looks like they are not updated. But the thing is, this has worked all the time. I even tested it on a different model that has edible children enabled and it still works like it did before.

To make it a bit clearer:

Adding new animation to blend file.
Animation is present in player scene
Animation is present in instanced player scene
Animation is not present in instanced player scene that has “edible children” enabled.

Only appears to happen to my player and not other models.

Did anyone encounter a similar problem? I really would appreciate if someone could help me out here.


I’m just facing a similar problem, I think. I have created new animations for a character in blender and, for some reason, are not showing when importing. The only workaround I have found is to save the animation to a file on the import.

It is a bit messy being forced to save to a file for no reason… so, if I find a solution to make it work I’ll let you know.

I have found a workaround for my case.
In the levels that have the player scene:
Disable editable children on the instanced player scene.
Go to the actual player scence and save it again.
Then back in the level, re enable editable children.
Now it is updated normally, even if i go back and add new animations to the blend file.

This can result in very annoying extra work though when you have certain setups, as disabling editable children might cause losing references and settings.