Any knowledge on Skeleton2D and Bone2D

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


The title says it all, these 2 nodes seem like pretty obscure topics once it comes to Godot 4 (most of the videos about it are from 5 years ago and use Godot 3). Is there anywhere that’s up to date that I could use to learn about these Nodes, Thanks in advance

I can’t recomment enough that you check the “Ultimate introduction to Godot 4” Video.

It is made for Godot 4.0

And there is a section for animating 2D bones at the very end.
Here’s the timestamp

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Alright, I’ll check it out. Thanks :smiley:

I’ve finished watching the video, and It was really helpful. I was able to learn how to set up bones, animate them and learn more about how they work. I’d probably need to learn a little bit more about it to get a full grasp of how everything works, but other than that this is what I was looking for. Thanks :smiley:

Also this probably the quickest I’ve had any of my topics solved, So that’s another win too

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