Anyone help fix this error? Expected closing ")" after grouping expression.

My line of code is

await (gun_sprite,“animation_finished”)

Hey i believe you are using the await wrong correct use is in this link Coroutines, Await and Yield . look at the section with the signal


you’re amazing thanks!

await doesn’t use naming for syntax as an internal command. it just means you don’t use anything to pass an argument. await $

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I mean I’m sorry. the same thing i just said.
except the argument is used to determine the name of the animation stored in the animation que. so it would be simply.
await $

It will be:

await gun_sprite.animation_finished

maybe. it’s not recommended to use that always. later on there’s a certain problem from choosing animation frames at delta. i still can’t really decide the best way to claim anything in this interface. i’m trying to get used to using func, delta then extends fields. any recommendations would be appreciated.