'apksigner' returned with error #1 while exporting to android

Godot Version

I’m trying to export a game to Android, but I keep getting this error.

( editor/editor_export.h:251 - Code Signing: ‘apksigner’ returned with error #1)

I generated 10 different debug keys. I checked the user and password, and they all match.

keytool -keyalg RSA -genkeypair -alias androiddebugkey -keypass android -keystore debug.keystore -storepass android -dname “CN=Android Debug,O=Android,C=US” -validity 9999 -deststoretype pkcs12

I made multiple new projects as a test and got the same problem.
Disabling the “signet” check mark in the export options menu allows the file to be compiled as an apk without an error, but the resulting app doesn’t work if installed on phone
java version (openjdk version “17.0.9” 2023-10-17)
if anyone knows how to fix this please help

If you are on Linux, try to run Godot with command line

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thank you for the I fixed the problem by updating build_tools :smile:

I’m having the same error as you were. How do I update build_tools? This will help me a lot

How did you manage to solve it? I also have the same problem