Approach for a rotate color match game

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By dancaer69

I’m trying to recreate several puzzle mini games that usually included on adventure games.
Specifically this puzzle basic idea is to rotate(only counter clockwise) the 4 elements which surround the center button(by press it) to match elements with same colors(3 for each color).
I have already an atlas png with the images. For the board I have an image which has 18 squares(3 columns and 5 rows). Every center button will be in center of 4 squares, so there will be 8 of them. Every row will host the 3 matches for every color(5 colors).
The goal is to rotate the 4 elements which surround every center button so to move the 3 elements with same color(sprites, buttons or which is better for this case) to the correct(same color) row.
So which approach is easier to achive the above?
For now I have a scene with a TextureRect which is the 3x5 board.

  • I’m thinking to use a TextureButton for the center buttons and create 8 instances of them and position them at the center of every 4 squares area.
  • Then use sprites for the color elements. For this I don’t know if is better to have one button scene and inherited scenes for every color sprite or to have 5 separate scenes for every color(I’ ll need 3 instances of each in this case).
  • Then I’m thinking to use Position2D nodes and position them in the center of every cell and use them as hot spots for rotation of the sprites
    I’m not sure if this a good procedure, or if there are other Node types which is better to use for this goal.
    Maybe a tilemap with the board image as one tile to use the tilemap’s cells for the rotation of the sprites?
    Or some other Node. Maybe a path2d, which I never used, as I’m quite new in godot, and I don’t know if can be used as a path which will follow the 4 surround button sprites.

This isn’t really an answer to what you should do, but being new to Godot, this may help with your approach:

Make a Candy Crush game with Godot

As I said, I know it’s not what you’re doing, but the tutorial shows you some of the features I think you are looking for.

deaton64 | 2021-03-27 19:52