Array[String] typing question

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What is the best way to use typing for this case and why?
(I know that dictionary typing won’t be coming soon, but I’m already getting ready)

var FUNCS: Dictionary = { #Dictionary[String, Callable]
	func1 = func() -> void: pass,
	func2 = func() -> void: pass,
func update_funcs(func_name := '') -> void:


	for v: String in ([func_name] if !func_name.is_empty() else FUNCS):

B) (I think it’s slower because of the keys() function)

	var list: Array[String] = [func_name] if !func_name.is_empty() else FUNCS.keys() as Array[String]
	for v: String in list:

Or is it just better to create a function for further code processing and do so?
(But want to know the explanation of the above)

if !func_name.is_empty():
	for v: String in FUNCS:
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key from dictionary should be quicker than array finding and match the string
also you can actually test it yourself by counting the difference of Time.get_ticks_msec() before and after calling the the key you wanted

also have a read on this:


I mean if the list of funcs is not changing at runtime, you could also have an enumeration to name the array indices. But if it’s dynamic then a dictionary would probably be better.


Oh. No, it doesn’t change