Asset Library revamp

Godot Version



Asset library needs a total revamp.Or moderator
i install plugins,but they are not for the version i am using,or need Mono
you need a version number,when you add a Asset.

TerraBrush is in 4.2.1 but it is Mono,but it does not say that.

The asset description mentions C# on the first line:

A minimal C# Terrain heightmap editor for Godot engine.

I suggest opening an issue on TerraBrush’s GitHub repository about this, so that the requirement of a Mono build can be made more obvious.

Ideally, this would be done on the asset library level with a C# checkbox that asset authors would tick, but the current asset library backend is in maintenance mode. Therefore, we’d prefer avoiding doing anything that modifies the existing data structure for now.

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This was but an example.Try others in the Asset Library.They destroy what you are creating,or just totaly bork.

Godot needs a vet system like Epic Unreal Engine.For its plugins,and templates.