Assigning an exported node array causes "ERROR: Condition "!valid" is true. Continuing."

Godot Version

4.2.2 stable mono


When trying to build a project through a Github build pipeline, I got the following error for some scenes:

ERROR: Condition "!valid" is true. Continuing.
   at: instantiate (scene/resources/packed_scene.cpp:493)

I could reproduce this error in a new project with the following scene hierarchy and script:

using Godot;

public partial class NodeListContainer : Node
    [Export] private Node[] nodeList = [];

I created a scene with the script above attached and assigned “SubNode1” to the exported “nodeList” array.
Now, whenever I delete the “.godot” folder of the project, open the project in Godot and then open the NodeListContainer scene, I get the same error.

After closing the scene, building the project in Godot and then opening the scene again, the error doesn’t occur anymore.

I was thinking that this might be related to not having built the project before opening the node.
However, when having a script that exports only a single node instead of an array, this error doesn’t occur for me.
Here is the code:

using Godot;

public partial class SingleNodeContainer : Node
    [Export] private Node singleNode;

Is this behavior expected when not having built the project?
I would expect that this would affect an exported node array the same way as it does an exported single node.