AudioSTreamplayer not working?

Can anyone please explain me why the AudioStramPlayer won’t play?
If I call the exact smae Audio Player from a diffrent node it works perfectly fine. Only If I call it here it doesn’t work? The script works and does not give any error. It’s just that you don’t hear it

Hey !
Can you screenshot the Inspector for this AudioStramPlayer node , and of your Audio buses (The Audio tab to the bottom) ?

Screenshot 2024-01-09 162706

I don’t see anything obviously causing the issue. Maybe the node isn’t ready when you call it. Try adding this before line 14 (when you’re playing the sound) :

if not get_node("UI_select_2").is_node_ready():
 await get_node("UI_select_2").ready
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Unfortunatelly it still doesn’t work

Using the debugger can you confirm the visibility function gets called?