Auto detect system in Godot? [Need Help!]

Godot Version

4.0 or later


I have played some games that automatically detects the system capacity (GPU, CPU, Ram, etc…) and set the graphics as the capacity. But in Godot, how can I do this???

You can detect some of these things by using the OS class to detect memory capacity, but it’s not an exact science and might not always be directly available

I know but it not provide much information, like somehow if I get the name of GPU, I will not set the graphics as the GPU
because there is many graphics cards

That information isn’t necessarily available to the engine at all, check the RenderingServer and see if there’s information there

I think, I can’t get system information from RenderingServer, I have checked

You can’t?

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Ohhh, I have not checked properly :sweat_smile:, thank you very much @athousandships for helping me :heart:

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