Autoload variable issue

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


hello! im new to godot so excuse if something is obvious. it seems like the variables in the autoload script arent working properly?
i will upload some images to try and explain my issue:

So after toggling the buttons that set the player1,2,3,4 variables to true, and confirming they are true with a print() statement, in another scene, the TaggerArrow script adds values to an array depending on if the player1,2,3,4 variables are true, however nothing gets added to the array no matter what.
after adding debug_pring(Menu.player1) before the if statements, it shows that the value of player1 is false, despite it being true in the menu scene.

i cant seem to figure out why this isnt working, and any help would be appreciated!

You could try without putting @onready before the player variables, it’s not needed. It sets them to false when the node is ready, so if you set them to true in another node’s ready function before that, they wont stay true (maybe…).