Automatically set custom resources to local to scene

Godot Version



In Unity (C#) I was used to using SerializableObject for data objects that could be customized in the editor (ie. a list of enemy wave configurations, for example). I preferred this approach over scriptable objects in cases where the list items only made sense for a particular scene.

I am curious how this can be achieved in Godot with GD Script. From what I can tell, creating a custom class extending Resource has a semi-similar approach in the editor. However, when I “Create [CustomItem]” in the editor, it appears to create a "normal’ resource with a path, etc. Is there a way to automatically configure these resources to automatically be local to scene (rather than having to always remember to set on each item manually)? Further, is there a way to completely hide the “Resource” subheading from some custom resources (particularly those that will never be saved separately to disk, but rather only exist in scene)?

EDIT: Or am I misunderstanding it entirely, and is this already effectively the case when creating new custom resources from an editor property field (ie. given that on closer inspection the resource field appears to be referencing the scene itself, even without “Local to Scene” selected (and selecting it appears to do nothing)?

TL;DR: What is the closest approach to managing a scene-specific list of custom data items (configurable in editor), similar to a list of SerializableItem in Unity?