Behaviour in editor of custom controls that use sub nodes

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By AndyAstrand

So I have a pretty complex custom control I want to use.

It has a textured frame, a textured interior, a variety of fx that can be applied to the texture interior, and effects on the frame, plus overlays to indicate various ready states.

I was planning to do it all in the draw, but the need to have a way of making the interior texture greyscale, and the necessity of doing that with a shader made me realize that all of the things done in _draw are affected by the set material at the end, e.g. I can’t draw that bit of the control in color, then draw the insides in greyscale by using a shader material because it just all comes out in grey.

So going back to how I would have done this originally is by the control creating sub-controls, in this case Sprite2Ds. These I create in the _ready(), then I scale and position them, I respond to resized() events. Everything seems fine, I get a single node in the Scene node list.

Then I save and load the project, or the scene, or I copy/cut and paste the control. Now not only the parent control node is visible but the sub-nodes are also visible in the viewer, and are selectable, and cover the area of whole control. Meaning that it’s a complete nightmare to deal with. You casually try and move the control to another location and you pick the second on the sub nodes and move it a mile away and leave the button frame behind.

Is there a way of preventing this? Is there a node name prefix that stops the controls appearing, or a top level control flag to say don’t show child nodes in the editor, or something. I’ve gone through the somewhat sparse docs on custom controls and can’t find anything.

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:bust_in_silhouette: Reply From: AndyAstrand

Answering my own question when I went looking for a manual solution.

Thanks to: This Answer Over Here

I can set the meta information on the sub nodes when I create them

	var frame_node = self.get_node("_frame_node")

if frame_node == null:
	frame_node = = "_frame_node"
	frame_node.set_meta("_edit_lock_", true)

They still appear in the node list in the editor but now at least I can’t select them by accident.