Best Node Type to use for an Item that will be moved around

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Hi I am creating a factory style game, where resources have to be moved around on “conveyors,” while doing so I have run into a problem where I cannot decide what node I should have my resources being made as. Everywhere I looked it suggested kinematic bodies, but that is now outdated. So I was wondering if I should make a rigidbody, or just kinda have a Area2D with Colliders on it.

I need to be able to detect both when an object is on and off of the conveyor.

I have already tried implemented the area 2d body enter/exited, but it didn’t seem to tell me when the object entered so I assumed it didn’t work like that. So I am trying to see what I need to change to the object on top of the conveyor needs.

Further clarification: Both Objects have Area2Ds with CollisionBody2D, but only the conveyor has the entered/exited script.

KinematicBody2D was renamed to CharacterBody2D. If you don’t need collision for them, you can use Area2D.

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Sorry I seemed to not have asked a clear enough question, let me edit the question

Did you use the “body_entered” signal when the objects on the conveyors are areas? You need to use the “area_entered” signal.

That would most likely be the answer let me try that

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