Best way to load in custom resources from spreadsheet(s), in proper order?

Godot Version 4.2.2

Loading/Custom Resources Question

Hi, all! I have two related questions about custom resources, loading, and handling data for my RPG:

  1. What’s an easy way & best practice to get spreadsheet data loaded into Godot custom resources? For example, I have an Item resource type I have made and I want to load in an excel sheet with all of my data for different Items with different names, stats, effects, etc.

  2. What is the order of all the possible places to load data or call functions upon loading/starting the game? I know about autoloads, preload, @onready, and ready(), but I’m not entirely sure in what order they happen. For example, Unity has Awake() and Start() functions which you can use to make sure the data loads/things get initialised in a proper order. This feels important to make sure I load in and initialise each class to resolve dependencies (example: the Biome resources require the Weather and Terrain resources be loaded in first). Ideally, I’d love to only load in my custom resources/their data once (not every time the game starts), but I don’t know how to do that.

Thank you all in advance. :blush:

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