Blender scene with multiple armatures sharing the same actions does not work in Godot

I have animated a weapon scene that has in total 3 armatures/objects (Left Arm, Right arm, and gun) and all have the same actions. I then pressed “Push down” for all of these actions and for each of the objects, so that all actions appear on the NLA graph and in the animation player when importing. Below is a picture of the NLA Graph.

Every action has also been baked. Now- the issue is when importing the .glb to Godot only the top action in NLA graph actually works. In this case, reload_insert. The rest of the actions do appear in godot after exporting, however are entirely broken and mismatched.

Below is an image of the animation at the top of the NLA graph working in godot:

And below is how the others are entirely broken:

If I were to arrange any other animation to the top of the NLA graph then that would be the one that suddenly works. I have no idea whats breaking this, any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.