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In order for blender not to crash, I use low poly objects (cubes) for the viewport to replace a patch of grass (in geometry nodes) and then multiply this proxy to create a field of grass, the textures are of high quality and the computer don’t deal with it otherwise… and if I move grass patches, proxies, textures, etc. in Godot… he only sees the uneven plane on which the grass should stand and that’s it. I’ve been struggling for 2 weeks to solve this, can you help me please?

  1. In Blender, in the geo nodes, you need a realize instances node (am afk rn) to make an actual mesh of the scattered whatevers you made. Then make sure, in the export, that you set apply modifiers in GLTF (or whatever you use.)
  2. Number 1 is a bad idea :wink:

In Godot there is the concept of Multimeshes. That’s a single node that takes a single mesh and an array of transforms—so that mesh will be drawn in hundreds (or thousands) of places in one go.

You can also do a similar trick with particles in Godot.

However—you can’t export that from Blender. Although there is a plugin that tries.

So, export the grass mesh and then experiment with MultimeshNode3D in Godot (see the docs too) to scatter it in Godot.