body_entered/exit Area2D signal not working? Trying to create a Combat system

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Hi, I’m still new to Godot but I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I’m currently following this video tutorial learning to create a combat system but I’m currently stuck on the 6:23 mark.

The way I wrote the code for body entered/exited signal function is that if the slime enter the Area2D hitbox of the player it should print that the player is getting attacked in the player script.

I made mine a bit different to the video where I put classes in both script for the player(Player) and the slime (Enemy). So that by writing (Enemy) in the both signal will check if the enemy hitbox is inside the player hitbox right away.

However its not printing the player is getting attack and there’s an error saying E 0:00:55:0531 emit_signalp: Error calling from signal ‘body_entered’ to callable: ‘CharacterBody2D(’: Cannot convert argument 1 from Object to Object.
<C++ Source> core/object/object.cpp:1140 @ emit_signalp()

did I do something something wrong with my signal for body_entered/exited ?

I hope I posted in the right topic.