Bugged interface

Godot Version

The exported project, .exe runs fine the first time around, then when a player quits the game and runs it back this always happens. Deleting the appdata and running it again fixes it. It only happens in certain computers, like… out of 12k players, I only got 3 messages from players having that problem (of course some could have it and just not have reported it). I’m thinking… drivers incompatibility or something? Any ideas?

Maybe because of resolution issues

This feels like a driver issue.
There have been problems like this before here

And there is still a few open issues like that here

What OS is this is on? is this a nvidea driver?
Is Godot using Foward+ or compatibility?

A few suggestion were that this might be related to overlaying programs like MSI afterburner fighting with godot for rendering.

Your case seems more unique because it can fixes itself by deleting the cache.

If you have access to a machine with this problem, maybe try to update the drivers or update the godot version to see if it fixes it.