Build a conveyor turn in 3D

Godot Version



I want to build a complex conveyor belt that contains up and down ramps and also some turns like this one:

Couple problems here: I have tried to create a round shape using Path3D and CSGPolygon3D but my shape looks pretty blocky in the end and not really round :confused:

How can I make the path look more round?

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 21.47.51
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 21.48.00

Second problem: the parent of the Path3D is a StaticBody3D and I have assigned a constant linear velocity of 1 m/s on the X and Z axis and collision is enabled on the CSGPolygon3D but when I drop a RigidBody3D on it, nothing moves.

Is this actually the correct approach overall or should I look into another direction?


ok, issue number one is fixed. Had to redraw the path completely and change the path interval of the CSG to something around 0.3 to make it look more smooth.