Bullet decals with somekind of error (C#)

Godot Version



Hello, I made bullet decals work (finally) but it always throw an error that I don’t know how to fix. Bullet decals behave in game as I wanted :man_shrugging:.

Here is my code:

var BulletDecal = ResourceLoader.Load("res://new_build/decals/bullet.tscn") as PackedScene;

var CollisionPoint = Raycast.GetCollisionPoint();
var CollisionNormal = Raycast.GetCollisionNormal();

var decal = BulletDecal.Instantiate() as Node3D;

decal.GlobalPosition = CollisionPoint;
decal.LookAt(CollisionPoint + CollisionNormal, Vector3.Up);
decal.LookAt(CollisionPoint + CollisionNormal, Vector3.Right);
//decal.RotateObjectLocal(new Vector3(0, 0, 1), GD.RandRange(0, 180));

It really work as I wanted. So after every “Fire” I made it throw this kind of error: