C# Character Controller : Seemingly random division of 1000 in Camera code?

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.1.stable.mono.official


I am following this tutorial: https://youtu.be/yKV37k1CdMY?list=PLQl2eWiUO8_ILan29aRS_7CxOpDgiQ7yK&t=1078

Mainly because I am interested in seeing how coding in C# is, compared to GD Script, in all the examples I’ve seen of FPS Character Controller, I’ve never seen this example where he divide by 1000 before multiplying by mouse sens. Can anyone explain me why this is?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

He kind of explains it at 11:10, though I don’t really know tbh… But I guess it’s to make it less sensitive? You can remove the / 1000 and see what happens :slight_smile:

Without it, it goes crazy fast haha, im not sure if it has something to do with using C#? I think I will look for others solution to camera control in C# Tomorrow :slight_smile:

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