Camera 2D causes weird low-res textures on enemy scenes

Godot Version

Godot 4.2


I can’t upload attachments as a new user but here is a post with video of the phenomenon.

Getting “back” (I was barely there in the first place) into Godot with Heartbeast’s tutorial. I’ve been enjoying figuring out how to implement things in Godot 4, making some modifications to taste, and working out how I would want to implement things differently in a non-tutorial project. That said, I’ve run into a problem I can’t crack. The sprites for the bats drop into some weird low-resolution version of their textures when I try to implement the camera.

For the record, it only impacts the bats, all other animations and sprites are unchanged. It happens whether their animation is playing or still, Animated Sprite 2D or a Sprite 2D with an Animation Player. Upon further testing, it clears up when the bat changes its y position relative to the camera. If the bat moves vertically, it clears, if the camera moves vertically, it clears. Also, the effect applies per bat. Is there something I’m missing?

Solved it! Go to Project Settings Render > 2D and enable “snap vertices to pixel.”