Camera not working properly

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Hello, I’m new to Godot in general, I’ve been trying to use a node Camera2D to follow a RigidBody object that falls to the ground on a escene. The object has a sprite and a collision shape, on my scene I made the node camera child of the node object I want to follow when it falls, but it doesn’t work.

The camera is active with enable and the limit values are not 0, when I run the scene the camera stays at the position where the object starts to fall bot doesn’t follow it.

Here’s a pic of my hierarchy


Here’s a pic of the object that falls


And a pic of the inspector for the node Camera 2D

I’m really lost in what to do, pls help :frowning:

Is there another camera in your scene?

Can we see a screenshot of the entire hierarchy of the scene to confirm that the camera is a child of the object that it is meant to follow?

It’s the only camera on the project :frowning:

The scene I’m working in is the one in this image

Does your character have a camera attached?

No, my character just have the father node CharacterBody with the following childs:

  • Sprite2D
  • Collision Shape
  • Animation Player

Strange. I’ve only ever had a similar problem when I had two cameras in a scene.

In my work I almost always attach the camera to the player, unless the game is a small one so I can attach the camera to the level.