Camera Region for rotation in mobile games

Godot 3.6.beta3

Hello, so i’m new to developing games and i just started with Godot 3D. I’m making an fps and it’s going well, but there is one thing. On PC, you can move your camera wherever the mouse goes, like, infinitely. But on mobile, there are some games that have an “area” in screen, wich defines where are the limits of that rotation. For example, the screen is divided by two sides: a blue and a red one. The blue one is for moving the character, while the other one is for moving the camera. The red area should enable something like “camera_can_move = true”, and then whenever i’m touching, draging or clicking and dragging with the mouse within this red side, the camera will move along. But when i pass my finger or the mouse within the blue side, it will stop the camera. How do i implement that on my version of godot? I tried to find any tutorials in google or youtube, and i even tried to ask help for chatgpt, and he tried but, failed in some ways. So if you guys know how i can inplement that technique in godot, i’m very grateful. Like, there is a ton of games that has this technique. Free Fire, Block Strike, and some others… all these games have this feature because of the mobile phones. And i wanna implement that too. :smiley:

Use TouchScreenButton