Can Godot make hex editor?

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Can we make a hex editor with godot?
And how we can do it?
I dont know so much about hex editors, so if someone show the road I will be happy :smiley:

I’m a little surprised you know what a hex editor is but don’t know how you would make one?

Anyway yes. GDscript has all the basic logical operators, and for visually feedback formated strings can be used to to show various converted versions of an integer, except… Binary? But that shouldn’t be too hard to utilize with shift operators…

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yes but I dont have so much knowledge with binaries.
And I cant find tutorial. Is there is a tutorial for it?
And is there is a tutorial for making hex editor (with or without godot)?

Here is a GitHub project

thanks for it I will check! maybe this is what I am looking for it.