Can godot show pdf files?

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Is there is a way to show pdf files in godot?

try these, I found all the answers you asked for there, trust me, I tried it on your previous posts…

or maybe it would be best if you put this cadence of questions in one post and have it in one place as a collection of answers



and then


but I cant understand. Is this forum not for asking questions?

Am I asking about godot? yes
Is my questions asked before? maybe no
Am I hurting someone? no
Is these are spam? ofcourse no

Then what is problem about asking?
All these are different questions so they need different titles.
If we cant ask here why we are here?

I want to help you to be more effective in your search for answers

Thanks for it but in this questions there is just exporting.
And why godot doesnt have official support?
And how can I do this with c++? Is there is a tutorial?
And I need a way without re-compiling engine.
maybe plugin or project

Thank you for it but you can sure I searched so much all this questions and I cant find answers. Because of that I am asking here.

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thanks I will check it.
And I have another question about python&godot but can I ask in another question to get more answers or do you prefer me to ask in here?

edit: I checked the link which you gave me but there is some problems:
-First link is just exports pdf not imports and shows but maybe still there is a way.
-Second link I know but it doesnt gives anything. And its old. Maybe there is new solutions.