Can I override an animation in an inherited scene?

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Hello! I have created a base class with an animation player and a finished animation attached to it. Can i create an inherited scene but change the animation only for the inherited scene? I don’t want to override the animation on the base scene. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s basically how scene inheritance works. If you don’t delete the animation player and just change it’s properties in child scene, the parent scene won’t be affected. Are you running into an issue doing this? If so, more details/screenshots would be helpful.

I haven’t actually tried doing anything yet as I was scared it would mess up the base animation, but I will try it out later.

Also if I want to override an animation can I change pretty much everything about it? Like adding new tracks, editing existing keyframes or removing old tracks altogether without messing up the original scene?

The animation player shows up as yellow in the inherited scene and any changes i make seem to be made inside the original scene as well.

I would like to avoid creating unique animations for each weapon I make since only some of them need to have their own animations.

I ended up figuring it out myself by clicking on libraries and making the animation unique.

Hey @Gnomemann! I seem to have the exact same use case as you, but I haven’t been able to find the “libraries” that you mentioned you’ve clicked on to make the animation unique. Any chance you could provide a screenshot or a little more detail?

Thanks in advance!

Are you using version control so you can roll back changes when you mess something up?

You will mess something up eventually. Version control will let you hop right back on track.

This was a short easy to follow video

Of course, I spend hours looking for an answer to no avail, and then five minutes after I reach out for help, I find the answer on my own :smiley:

For future reference:

This allowed me to edit the animations for the inherited child without effecting the parent or other children.

Hey thats the way it goes. It always stops raining when you go back for your umbrella.

But you a real MVP for coming back and posting your answer!

I know my previous post didnt help your question directly (i would have if i could have) but seriously version control is a blessing.