Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong with space_state or intersect_ray

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By bluemage
func raycast_from_mouse(m_pos, collision_mask):
	var ray_start = cam.project_ray_origin(m_pos)
	var ray_end = ray_start + cam.project_ray_normal(m_pos) * ray_length
	print("start", ray_start, "end" , ray_end)
	var space_state = get_world().direct_space_state
	print("space state=" , space_state)
	var ans = space_state.intersect_ray(ray_start, ray_end, [], collision_mask)
	print("ans" , ans)
	return ans

start(33.30286, 16.7134, 144.6586)end(-44.746288, -345.34787, -784.222412)
space state=[BulletPhysicsDirectSpaceState:1133]

I’m not getting anything for the result of space_state.intersect_ray and I’m not sure why. any thoughts?

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kidscancode | 2019-06-02 21:20

I figured it out I was missing a static body and collision shape from create convex static body. just curious though is there a way to do that function with collada files?

bluemage | 2019-06-03 01:35