Can you check if convex decomposing is going to fail or can you ignore certain errors?

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I have a CollisionPolygon3D that is being updated frequently and sometimes the polygon that is created fails to be convex decomposed. This is alright as the code fixes missing parts and is updated frequently but my debugger is being flooded with these errors. Is there a way to either catch this error or check if the decomposition would fail?

All I’m doing is setting the CollisionPolygon3D polygon to a PackedVector2Array but the setter does not return an error and I have already checked the polygon for holes and points inside of itself.

collision_polygon.polygon = new_polygon

E 0:00:03:0809 @ make_line(): Convex decomposing failed!
<C++ Source> core/math/geometry_2d.cpp:53 @ decompose_polygon_in_convex() @ make_line() @ add_point() @ _process()