Cannot override add_child function in 4.0.2

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:bust_in_silhouette: Asked By 1998marcom

I am making a PanelMarginContainer as a PanelContainer that has a MarginContainer as its only child.

I want the children of my class to get actually added as children to the inner MarginContainer:

class_name PanelMarginContainer
extends PanelContainer

var _margin_container :=

func _ready():

func add_child(
    _margin_container.add_child(node, force_readable_name, internal)

but I get the error:

The method "add_child" overrides a method from native class "Node". 
This won't be called by the engine and may not work as expected. 
(Warning treated as error.)

In previous versions (, and - up to at least 4.0beta12 - this override seems possible.

Is there any way to:

  1. Override add_child as was previously possible?
  2. Alternatively circumvent the problem and still be able to create a custom reusable container that holds a consistent interface with default containers?

Update: an unorthodox workaround is part of this proposal

1998marcom | 2023-06-18 19:37