Can't click a paused button when there's a Subviewport in the scene?

Godot Version 4.2.2

I have this really weird bug in my game that I can’t find anyone else commenting on. Since I’m gonna release my game on mobile, I needed a different way to may a pixelated effect rather than using shaders, as they wont work without the Forward+ backend, so I decided to add a viewport with stretch shrink to add a slight pixel effect. However, for some reason when the game is paused and I try to click the unpause button in the pause menu (which its process is always,) it just doesn’t work?
This does not happen in a scene without a subviewport.
I will send photos and a video explaining this.

(how the glitched scene is setup)

(what the player node looks like)

View ports are the entry point for input.

Read the docs here on how subviewports handle input.