Can't find file 'uid://bicmv8afwbhe5::::res://texturemap.png'

Hi everyone.

I working with .blend files inside Godot so that changes in Blender will be automatically re-imported to Godot. As a texture for all my 3D models I`m using the same 32x32 image (texturemap.png) with a bunch of flat colors. When I make changes inside Blender they are reflected to Godot. However, every time I do so I keep getting the error Can’t find file ‘uid://bicmv8afwbhe5::::res://texturemap.png’, even thought I have both the .blend file and the texturemap.png inside Godot, and all the 3D models have this image as a material in Blender.


DO A BACKUP of you project before try what i’ll say:

  1. Close Godot if is open
  2. Delete the .godot directory in your project directory
  3. Open Godot again
  4. If show some erros after open, close and open again
  5. Now shouldn’t show any erros

Try that and check if it works

It didn’t work unfortunately.

So probably some .tscn scene has a reference to this file and for some reason didn’t updated automaticly, you can try open the scene that triggers this error with any text editor (notepad, notepad ++, etc) and search for the line that have this “‘uid://bicmv8afwbhe5::::res://texturemap.png’”, delete the line and save, open Godot and see if works (if you did the backup before, don’t need to do again, otherwise do a backup)

I couldn’t find any reference in my scenes.