Cant find node when scene was instance

hi im new to godot and still exploring can someone help me with these, why it cant find the node for
namenode.text = nameValue
, thankyou for your response

i created a component status bar with scene and a script

extends Control

class_name StatusBar

var namenode
var lvlcountnode

func _ready():
namenode = get_node(“Panel/Panel/Title_container/Name_holder”)


func _process(delta):

func change_contents(nameValue:String, lvlcountValue:String):
namenode.text = nameValue
print( nameValue, lvlcountValue)

then i instantiate it to my main scene for ui

extends Control

var characters
var characters_selection_scene
var status_bar
var characters_selection_script

func _ready():
characters_selection_scene = preload(“res://assets/components/character_selection/character_selection.tscn”)
status_bar = preload(“res://assets/components/status_bar/”).new()
characters_selection_script = preload(“res://assets/components/character_selection/”).new()

characters = [
	{"id": "123", "name": "John", "level": 42},
	{"id": "124", "name": "Jane", "level": 35},
	{"id": "125", "name": "Jennifer", "level": 69},

status_bar.change_contents('PYROMANCER', '69')
for character in characters:
	_add_characters(character["id"], character["name"], str(character["level"]))

func _process(delta):

func _add_characters(character_id: String, character_name: String, character_lvlcount: String):
var characters_selection_instance = characters_selection_scene.instantiate()
var vbox_container = $CanvasLayer/VBoxContainer
characters_selection_script._character_content(character_id, character_name, character_lvlcount)

rather than using this kind of way to reference the node on the same scene’s node
@export var namenode
then assign it from inspector dock

@onready var namenode =
then drag and drop the node from Scene Tree to the Script code node, it will generate the path for you, note that this will need to manually change when you readjust the hierarchy position of this node or its parent

other way is to use unique name, but this way will need you to name the node to a specific name or not the same like others, else it will tell you there are duplicates name of unique name
to assign unique name of a node, right click the namenode Node and choose Access as Unique Name, then click drag an drop the namenode to script, it will be something like

@onready var namenode = %namenode

thankyou for the response